Accounting Motivation Pack Contents

  • Exam technique – a comprehensive compendium of tools and tactics to help you squeeze the maximum possible marks out of any accountancy exam. There is plenty of potential here to add several percentage points to your exam score
  • Exam day protocol – strategies and disciplines to help you peak on the day
  • Building momentum – applying lessons from the world of professional sport
  • The critical importance of having a study policy
  • What your study policy should be
  • The concept of value for marks
  • Finding value for marks
  • Where best to take advice from and where to be cautious about taking advice from
  • How to get into the right mind-set and the key values you must adopt to maximise your success
  • Overcoming brick walls (problem exams)
  • How I know you can qualify (if you are a current accountancy student) even though I’ve not met you
  • Your future

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